More~Roots: Jah Fire~ Roots Selection Vol 4~

From selector More~Roots:
I landed in the states (Cali) in 1989, born in Ethiopia..  At the time, early 90’s Hip Hop was big and I fell in love with it.. Started with Yo MTV Raps, BET & The Box  then I  started staying up late and tuning into Am & FM college stations to catch the newest underground/classic hip hop tracks..  The beats were so unique and so refreshing, I was hooked!  At the same time I started coming across FM Reggae shows while surfing the radio for new stations.. Not so much reggae shows at time here in Cali but I knew there was much more out there..  Started buying records around 1997, started out with HIP-HOP, then I got into DnB/Jungle and down tempo instrumental, reggae wax was very hard to find here, but managed to find a selected few..

Shortly I started producing and hooked up with some friends and got involved with an indie label  While diggin for samples I came across a lot of music that I wasn’t exposed to, like Jazz, Latin Jazz, Soul, African/World music,funk,classic/psych rock etc..    This opened up a new door to live/sample-free music in general..  The less hip hop records I bought the more my non-rap collection grew.. This past decade with the help of the internet and the largest records store Amoeba Music, I’m able to find a lot of the reggae vinyl I missed during the years, so many great recordings I still find new tunes every day, so many records too little money.. Now I focus mostly on Roots Reggae, Afro Beat, Funk/Soul and world music..

Jah Fire~ Roots Selection Vol 4~

Mighty Soul Rebels ‎– Jah Jah Is No Gimmick
Pablo Gad – Oh Jah
Al Campbell Feat. General Lee & Trinity – Jah Love
King Tubby’s Dub
Burning Spear – Marcus Say Jah No Dead
Tilly & Larry – Jah Gave Us Everything
Jah gave us Dub
The Rastafarians – Seek H.I.M
Naggo Morris – Jah Guide
The Observers – Jah Guide Part 2
Lopez Walker – Jah Jah New Garden
Phase One All Stars – Version
George Boswell – Jah Fire
Creole – Jah Creation
Sir Lee – Who Is The King Of Kings
Twinkle Brothers – Jah Kingdom Come

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